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Building the Primary Classroom

Primary classrooms are just four walls until teachers enter. Step by step, teachers build their classrooms: They build the environment, they build relationships with the children, they build partnerships with families, they build classroom communities, and most important, they build competent, successful learners. This curriculum provides the framework and practical strategies primary teachers need to build great classrooms where teaching and learning are a shared responsibility. Building the Primary Classroom puts the best elements of classroom management and curriculum content together in one concise.

  •   Building relationships with students as the foundation
  •   Creating supportive environments as the key to proving learning and   growing experiences
  •   Connecting to programs and learning practices that foster growth

For more information about our Curriculum and to see it in action in our classrooms, schedule a tour  or  call us at (419) 385-8550.


Tuition Policies

  • When enrolling your child you are contracting for the number of days and fee.
  • The registration fee, one week’s tuition (deposit) and the first week of care of tuition is needed upon first day of enrollment. The one week of tuition will be your credit for the last week of enrollment. Your account should always reflect that you are paid one week ahead.
  • Infant care requires registration fee and one week’s tuition to hold an opening, if the infant does not start this total fee is non-refundable. If the infant does start, that week’s tuition will be applied as the deposit.
  • Payment is due on Monday, if it is not paid by Wednesday evening, a late fee of $20.00 for the 1st week of non-payment. If on the 2nd week, no payment has been made, your child will be dropped from the enrollment.  WE CANNOT CARRY A BALANCE.
  • Children that are over 3 years old and are not 100% potty trained will be charged the toddler rate.
  • You are responsible for the tuition for any absence without notification 7 days prior to the absence. If your child has missed 5 consecutive days without notification, the child will be dropped from the enrollment and you will be charged for those first 5 days of absence.  You are exempt from this policy if you have filled out an excused absence slip 7 days prior to the absence.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Due to high cost in infant care, infants are only allowed to sign out for 10 days during a calendar year.
  • During the months of June, July and August a maximum of (10) days will be allowed as an excused absence which exempts tuition.
  • Recipients of financial assistance from LCJFS must pay their co-pay by the last day of the preceding month to start the new month.  Co-pays not paid by the 1st of each month are considered delinquent and must be reported to LCJFS. You may not start a new month unless the co-pay is paid prior to the first day of that month. LCJFS will only pay “10” absent days per 6 month period. Absences over “10” days must be paid by parent.
  • A $20.00 fee will be charged for all checks that must be re-deposited.
  • A $30.00 fee will be charged for all checks with “insufficient funds”
  • Unpaid accounts that must be placed with a collection agency and/or attorney will be assessed a $35.00 service fee.
  • Public School Closings:  Schoolage children attending full days during the school year will be assessed the difference of the latchkey single day vs. the full day rate.  There will be no charge for school delays up to 2 hours.
  • If you have any questions regarding these rates or policies please feel free to stop at the front office.



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